8 Reasons Why a Fire Pit Will Make You Use Your Garden More Often


Investing in something in your garden takes motivation, especially when you live in temperate climes. Our No. 1 worth-the money purchase would be definitely a fire pit. Read on for 8 irresistable reasons why.

A fire pit creates a cosy and sociable garden feature

A fire pit creates a cosy and sociable garden feature


1.  Reward

Going to the effort of building one will make you want to use it and show it off. I absolutely refuse to be sexist here, but if the budding DIYer in the household spends a long weekend creating a masterpiece, laws of the universe state that it must be appreciated for copious amounts of time thereafter. Same goes for the effort of moving a heavy, store-bought piece of metal into the perfect spot.

2. Value

You can cook on it and keep warm at the same time. From a Scots lass who likes value for money two for the price of one is good.

3. Kids

For at least 5 weekends either side of Guy Fawkes night your kids will badger you to light it and have sparklers and marshmallows.

4. Friends

It creates a fabulously social focal point for chilling out at home (no pun intended).


5. Relaxation

While we fantasise a lot about long summer evenings, we all know when the sun moves round from the patio the second you come home from work, the basic human need for central heating marches you straight inside.

6. Teenagers   

Strategically call it a brai and come that freezing Easter weekend you will have all of your household teenagers and their friends unassumingly escaping from your sacred lounge and outside enthusiastically planning the gap years they (you) cant afford.

7. Romance

Its primeval. We can't resist the lure of a cosy, welcoming fire. Warm a nice bottle of your favourite red on the edge of the fire pit and cuddle up.

8. S'mores

There is no excuse not to eat S'mores every weekend of the year.

If this list doesn’t persuade you we admit defeat, go directly to bed, do not pass your slippers, give each family member an upcycled bearskin rug and set up the  30 year old heirloom Monopoly board.

Toasting marshmallows on a garden fire pit

Toasting marshmallows on a garden fire pit

Do you think a fire pit would keep you outside for longer? Let us know in the comments!