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Hi From Lorraine!




I founded Verve Garden Design to help transform unloved garden spaces  into valuable extensions of the home.

Comfortable creating your interiors, but get cold feet when it comes to the garden?

I was too.  Here you can learn from my mistakes (before I trained in garden design).

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Garden design training is complex, but it taught me that a few simple rules could have transformed my haphazard home efforts into more successful spaces.

Gardens planned with design knowledge avoid expensive mistakes and stand the test of time.

By helping others understand how to design gardens, I hope that there will be fewer unused backyards.


We will be covering design for families, pets, socialising, urban balconies, country retreats, plantophobics to  plantoholics and everything in-between

meet Team Verve

Our little team is proudly based in Nottingham, UK (although I miss my Scottish hometown).

We all love being outdoors anywhere.

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Educator. I love gardens of all styles and sizes, nature, details, discovery and local, seasonal food with a splash of decent white.  Would run from a fire with Pickle in one arm and my iPad in the other.

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Border Terrier, born Jan 2017. Pickle loves exploring for miles and bringing toys to my desk to give me a break from working (he’s a very thoughtful puppy). 

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"The Camera". Generally tolerant of my garden obsession, Chris loves log fires, landscape photography,  mountains, hiking, travel and wild places. Indoors, can often be found under the bed stealing Pickle's ball.

our outdoor lives on instagram @vervegardendesign